Feeling Lonely? I am.



Most recently, I have been struggling with the lonely bug. While some people get prepared for summer love, I’m just waiting on something or someone to hold my interest. So, the BIG question is.. why do I feel lonely? I have many associates, a few close friends, and my family..but that’s still not good enough. But WHY?! Why is it that, no matter how big your support system may be.. you still feel alone?

Being an only child, I have always been extremely independent and creative. Most of my childhood days were spent.. alone. I was alone in my own, leggo-sized world. However, I do recall many nights when I would cry and felt like I couldn’t turn to my parents for guidance.  Even at that age, I felt as though.. I had to face my fears and just DEAL with them. So, confiding in my parents about…

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A not so perfect life

Nobody could have prepared us for the hurt we have faced in our lives. We’re all ordinary people getting hurt on a daily basis. Our alarms go off in the morning and all we want to do is forget about the pain we have. We don’t want to wake up in the morning only to realize that today is going to be worse then yesterday.

There’s never a perfect outcome to life. Happiness is a figment of our imagination because nobody is ever 100% happy. You could be rich and have the perfect family but under all that perfection is unhappiness seeping through. We live our lives and act like everything is okay when its not. We find ourselves becoming busy so we don’t have to think about what is really going on in the world and we slowly push people away from us. We live a not so perfect life that is destroying our relationships with the people around us. Society has taught us to tolerate the pain that we feel but the pain will only grow bigger until we learn to face it ourselves.